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“Running is for everyone” is an attractive catch-all. The barrier to entry is small, just a pair of shoes, but the phrase lacks the nuance and evidentiary backing to ensure whoever's interested finds their own version of success. Whether you’ve tried and failed, you’re looking to start for the first time or you have lofty personal ambitions (e.g. qualify for the boston marathon or run a lifetime best in a given distance); my mission is simple: How can I help?

About Me

I'm an amateur athlete, much like yourself. On a more basic level I’m someone with a set of credentials/experiences who understands the importance of lifelong health. However, I see the need to help people sort fact from fiction in an environment where resources are abundant, but action, change and success are not.


-Doctorate in Physical Therapy

-Bachelor in Exercise Science

-Multiple time Ironman finisher

-Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

A Starting Point

When I work with patients in the healthcare space, runners or not, I see a common theme. A search for answers, “the answer”, that will be “the solution” to an existing problem. Sometimes it exists, more often than not it doesn’t. This is a huge problem, because the constant search and seeking of information paralyzes people from what matters: taking action, making meaningful change. We’re asking the wrong questions and therefore not setting ourselves up to have success where we are now. Whatever your questions or needs may be, I would welcome the opportunity to help you affect change, be it through an injury consult, training advice or establishing a coaching relationship.

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