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1-on-1 and Online Personal Training Sign up

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or brand new to exercise and fitness, we meet you at your level to achieve your fitness goals. Our trainers are knowledgeable in therapeutic exercise as well as weight loss, injury prevention, and strength training protocols. The personal training side of our wellness program has two options.

  • Option 1: The traditional 1-on-1 training that most people think of when they think about hiring a trainer.

  • Option 2: An online based training system that takes advantage of an online training software (Trainerize). With this program we are able to schedule and track workouts, food logs, and any other coaching items that the coach and any other coaching items that the trainer and the client might deem necessary.

  • Both options One and Two come with access to this software, the difference is that Option Two does not include in-person sessions.

Give us a call at (248) 850-7008  or email Alex at to set up a consultation.

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